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There are many reasons why people choose to work at Care UK and there are even more reasons why many people decide to stay and build a career with us.  We have over 14,000 staff across the UK and are a successful and growing care services organisation.  Due to our size and the range of services we provide , we offer a variety of roles ranging from care staff jobs, support care workers, nursing care assistant and consultants through to managerial, administrative and functional roles (e.g. Human Resources, Finance and IT).Our people policies, covering areas such as employee relations, equality and diversity and learning and development help make working life better for everyone.  Schemes such as ‘Oi Mike’, where employees are invited to share their thoughts with our Chief Executive, make sure staff are listened to from the highest level.  As a business we are growing more every day – making us a fantastic place to really shape your future.  If you’re searching for a role where you can really make a difference, take a look at the rest of the site to find out more.  Our values

Our values make us different to other organisations:

We believe that every one of us can make a difference – whatever role you fulfil within our organisation, you will make a real difference to our success and our ability to provide outstanding care.  At Care UK we believe in team work and without each member of our team, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  We ensure there is a strong focus on diversity in the workplace by actively recruiting people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.  It is this difference that helps us provide high quality services to our customers.We see the world from the point of view of our service users and our customers - we serve a wide range of people, in both health and social care, and believe that in order to provide a high quality service, all our staff need to put themselves in the shoes of our service users and customers to understand their real needs.  Our philosophy is to provide quality care services that help individuals fulfill their lives and we can only do this by seeing the world from their point of view.  We continually strive for innovation and for new ways to improve the service that we offer - we believe that we can always improve at what we do and how we do it, so we encourage our staff to always improve what they do; this gives people the chance to make us different and provide a better service for the people we work with.




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